Get Paid On Your Referrals.

#1 software that ensures you get paid without fail on your real estate referrals.

Track Your Referrals All The Way

Monitor the progress on your referrals from start to close.

Generate Additional Revenue

Keep earning commission from all your referrals without fail.

Help Relocating Clients

A happy client will spread the word and refer more customers.

Grow Your Referral Business

Add a revenue stream from referrals besides your own deals.

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RealtyPilot | Broker to Broker Referral Tracking

No other software offers a way to track your referrals like RealtyPilot's Concourse360.


Robust real estate referral tracking

RealtyPilot software provides agents and brokers true visibility into each real estate referral transaction. It offers capabilites to track every step of the referral transaction from start to close and ensures that the referring party gets paid at closing. Using this software, agents can now work with agents in other locations and manage their referrals seamlessly.


Trusted by industry leaders

RealtyPilot is trusted and valued by many leaders in the real estate industry. Our solution is helping agents and brokers transform their referrals into a healthy revenue stream.

How It Works | 3 Simple Steps

Take control of your real estate referrals.


Submit your referral

Login and enter your listing. Add details of your client's real estate needs and contact info. Finally, name your referral fee.


Track contract to close

A real estate agent will accept your terms. You will receive an electronically signed agreement and a W-9 form. You can keep track of the agent, client and the transaction.


Get paid without fail

When your referral real estate transcation closes, you get paid without fail. You can manage all your referrals from Concourse360.

Customer Testimonials

Some kind words from our active clients

“I sell over 1000 properties a year and as one of the top two agents in the country and realized my referral department was nearly costing me money. Realty Pilot’s Broker Referral program seemed too good to be true and has saved me thousands of dollars. Immediately I was able to reduce my staff to one and easily track every referral sent and received.”

John Murray
Rockford, IL

“I thought I knew this business better than anyone. When I discovered Realty Pilot’s Broker Referral system I found a whole new business that is making as much money as my local sales. My cousin bought a property in Atlanta Georgia and I used the RP referral system to refer him to an agent there and in 50 days I watched the transaction go from offer to close. Thank you Realty Pilot for such an awesome system!”

Tim Blomquist
Orange County, CA

Stop losing client referral fees and start earning!

A client, family, friend or an acquaintance they all can be a referral. Use Concourse360 to bring home additional revenue. Sign-up today for a no obligation trial account?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the free trial work?

Our 30 day trial is 100% free to start. If at the end of your trial you would like to upgrade, great. If not, you can cancel your account altogether, or let us mark it as inactive for you to come back to later.

Can I switch plans later?

Absolutely. You can switch between our paid plans, or cancel your account altogether, whenever you like. We will adjust any payments accordingly.

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No. You get no obligation trial edition with limited features of RealtyPilot's Concourse360 completely free for 30 days. Once you're ready to upgrade, you may choose a plan which suits your needs.

Why should I use RealtyPilot?

We have been in business since 2008 and have helped realtors, buyers and sellers nationwide. Our partner agents consistently rank our service as their best source of referrals, and we have an extremely high client satisfaction rating.

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