Cardone vs. McCourt: The Race to Buy TikTok and Its Implications for Real Estate Agents


In a surprising development, real estate moguls Frank McCourt and Grant Cardone are both reportedly attempting to buy TikTok. Known for their substantial real estate portfolios and contrasting business philosophies, McCourt and Cardone's interest in the social media giant signals significant potential changes for the platform. This article explores who these moguls are, the details of their acquisition attempts, the political angles involved, how agents can use TikTok for their business, and whether these developments are beneficial for them.

Government Pressure on TikTok

The U.S. government has been increasing pressure on ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, to sell the platform due to national security concerns. Legislation signed into law requires ByteDance to divest TikTok within a specific timeframe or face a nationwide ban. This move is part of broader efforts to ensure data privacy and protect American users from potential foreign influence​ (TechCrunch)​​ (Enterprise Technology News and Analysis)​​ (Engadget)​.

Who are Frank McCourt and Grant Cardone?

Frank McCourt is a prominent real estate executive and philanthropist, known for his former ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers and his current role at McCourt Global. His career spans various industries, including real estate development and digital transformation initiatives focused on improving internet governance and data privacy​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Dodger Blue)​.

Grant Cardone is a well-known real estate investor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, with a substantial portfolio managed by his company, Cardone Capital. Cardone is also a supporter of former President Donald Trump and is known for his business-first approach and conservative values​ (​​ (Moneywise)​.

Details of the Acquisition Attempts

Frank McCourt's bid to acquire TikTok aligns with his broader initiative to transform digital spaces and enhance user data privacy. McCourt has been vocal about the need for better internet governance, aiming to create a more democratized internet that prioritizes user interests and transparency​ (Fox Business)​.

Grant Cardone's interest in TikTok is seen as an extension of his business-first philosophy. Cardone's approach could potentially focus on leveraging TikTok for economic opportunities, integrating business tools, and enhancing the platform's monetization strategies to benefit users, particularly those in business and real estate​ (Moneywise)​.

Political Angles: McCourt vs. Cardone

The acquisition attempts by McCourt and Cardone bring contrasting political angles into play. McCourt's focus on democratizing digital spaces and improving data privacy aligns with more progressive values, aiming to create a platform that prioritizes user rights and transparency. This approach may appeal to users concerned with big tech's influence and data practices.

On the other hand, Cardone's business-first philosophy and conservative values emphasize economic growth and monetization opportunities. Cardone’s potential acquisition could lead to enhanced business tools and features that benefit users, particularly entrepreneurs and real estate professionals, by providing better ways to monetize their content and reach broader audiences.

How Real Estate Agents Use TikTok

TikTok has become a powerful tool for real estate agents, offering a platform to showcase properties, share market insights, and engage with a younger audience. Agents use TikTok to:

  • Showcase Listings: Create virtual tours and highlight unique property features.

  • Share Tips: Provide home-buying tips, market updates, and investment advice.

  • Engage with Followers: Use trends and challenges to increase engagement and reach a broader audience.

Is This Good News for Real Estate Agents?

Both acquisition attempts present potential benefits for real estate agents:

With McCourt's Acquisition:
  • Enhanced Privacy: A focus on data privacy can assure clients that their data is handled responsibly.
  • Improved Tools: Potential investments in better tools and features for content creation and audience engagement.
  • Democratized Platform: A more user-centric platform could offer better opportunities for agents to reach their audience without interference from big tech algorithms.

With Cardone's Acquisition:
  • Economic Opportunities: A focus on business growth and monetization could provide agents with enhanced tools to monetize their content effectively.
  • Business Tools: Integration of advanced business tools and features to help agents maximize their reach and profitability.
  • Conservative Values: Emphasis on economic stability and growth, aligning with traditional business practices that can benefit real estate professionals.


The bids by Frank McCourt and Grant Cardone to acquire TikTok introduce intriguing political and business dynamics. For real estate agents, McCourt’s vision of a democratized and privacy-focused platform and Cardone’s business-first, monetization-focused approach both offer unique benefits. As the acquisition unfolds, agents should stay informed and adapt their strategies to leverage the potential advantages of these new ownerships.