Come fly with
Realty Pilot

Founded in 2008, Realty Pilot™, the virtual, cloud-computing enterprise technology platform, is dedicated to changing the way residential brokers, agents and asset managers do business. Its revolutionary offer management software provides industry professionals with detailed analysis and exhaustive intelligence so that they can make the best business decisions.

About Realty Pilot

The product of a successful real estate brokerage and a top software development firm, Realty Pilot pushes customer relationship management, targeted marketing and many more real estate processes to a new and exciting level.

If knowledge is power, then consider Realty Pilot the rocket boosters to launch your business to new heights in the real estate marketplace!

What we provide

Highly efficient, secure, cost effective and easy to use, Realty Pilot's suite of online real estate technology services — BPO Traffic Controller™, OfferRunway™ and Real Estate Inspector — leverage all agent data so that a real estate brokerage can anticipate, activate and elevate its business.

Concourse360™ First Class, the firm's asset management platform, provides a comprehensive management system, covering all communications, documents, tasking, valuations and offers, in a highly secure, flexible, customizable package.

Who we are

The brainchild of entrepreneur Christian Broadwell, Realty Pilot made its entry into the market in 2008. Driven to achieve like its founder — an investment property owner at 19 years of age, a former aerospace engineer and a Ironman triathlete — the Phoenix-based firm continues to build on its successes so that real estate brokers, mortgage servicing clients and asset management companies can continue to improve their business.

The wide range of experience of Realty Pilot's CEO and creator innovates and informs the real estate technology firm. Christian has been a successful real estate investor, aerospace engineer and Realtor, and he infuses the leadership, vision, innovation and insider industry knowledge from those roles into his company's technology solutions and day-to-day client relations.

Ranked in the top 25 Realtors nationally by the Wall Street Journal, Realty Pilot President John Murray has overseen his brokerage managing transactions of more than 10,000 properties since 2003. Having served in the technology sector as CTO of a Fortune 500 company and IT program manager for several Fortune 100 companies, including IBM Global Services, the REO, investment and loss mitigation expert is integral in the ongoing development of Realty Pilot's suite of cutting-edge platforms.

In our client's words

"For the first full year of using it, I went from doing well to #1 in the country, selling over 10,000 homes."

John Murray