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We are pleased to introduce you to Realty Pilot™—the virtual, online, cloud-computing technology that is certain to revolutionize the Real Estate industry. Realty Pilot’s current suite of online technology services will be released now through September 2011.


Realty Pilot is dedicated to influencing the way real estate business is transacted throughout the USA by introducing streamlining, greener, high-efficiency, highly secure technologies.


Offer Runway, Make Offer, BPO Traffic Controller, and Concourse, the current suite of Realty Pilot’s platforms, help real estate brokers and agents to attain the stated goals.


The brainchild of entrepreneur Christian Broadwell, Realty Pilot was established in 2008 and has been developing its cloud-based technologies over the past four years.


How significantly could Realty Pilot’s technologies impact the real estate industry? Let’s put it this way, had the use of Offer Runway been available at the time, the Linda Green, Robo-signature scandal may not have occurred, because bankers’ and lenders’ signatures could not have been forged en mass. Our system protects against such fraud.


Secondly, Offer Runway and the Make Offer platforms expedited the offer-making process, thereby helping property owners to avert foreclosure and stimulating the market through more rapid real estate investment transactions.

Thirdly, from the perspective of environmental impact, Realty Pilot is on the forefront of the real estate industry by offering technologies that will nearly eliminate the need for paper—which is significantly voluminous in the current state of the industry