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Are You Ready To Start Your Own Brokerage Business? (Free eBook)

If you're interested in opening your own brokerage, this article will give you some high-level tips plus a link to get a free how-to eBook

Are Your Clients Moving to a Different State? Read This!

If your clients are moving out of state, wouldn't it be nice to have a nationwide network of brokers to refer them to? It will make their lives easier and you, basically, make some easy money!

How Many Apps Do You Have For Your Real Estate Business?

How many apps do you use to help you run your brokerage business? Does it every get a bit cumbersome? What abut the cost? How secure is everything? There's a better (and cheaper) way...

Are You Considering Taking The Leap From Agent To Broker?

Are you considering taking the leap from Agent to Broker? The wisdom of doing so now is surely dependent on where you are. But in some places, the timing is great!

What traditional Brokers and Agents Can Do To Survive In The Age of Low Commission, Fast-Closing Apps

What can brokers and agents do to get clients in the age of low cost, fast closing apps? Plenty! Here are some tips

Only 21% of Leads Are Followed Up On? How Much Money Are You Throwing Away

Only 21% of leads are followed up on. This means that a lot of people are leaving a lot of money on the table. If you could potentially increase your income almost 5-fold, would you?

Is Email Safe For Sending Offers?

Is Email Safe For Sending Offers? Absolutely not! Stop sending sensitive documents through email. This goes for anything that you wouldn’t want anyone other than the person you’re sending a document to, to see, or anything that a hacker would love to get their hands on.

Working From Home - The Challenges and Benefits of Dispersed Teams

For most of us, shelter-in-place orders presented the new ‘challenge of working from home’ all of the time. The nature of our work means that we’d all done a lot of work in our homes. But we also had a work office to report to. Suddenly, our only place of work was home. And while […]