Only 21% of leads are followed up on? How much money are you throwing away

Yes, I know that not all leads convert into house sales. But just by the law of averages, you know you’re leaving money on the table… or in your inbox!

Leads come in from:

  • Email
  • Websites
  • Phone calls – including voicemail
  • Referrals
  • Chance meetings
  • Sign calls
  • Open houses
  • Lead generation companies
  • Social Media and no doubt more…

It’s easy to see how some can be missed. Do you even have time to check you social media or do anything with all of the business cards you receive?

Too busy?

Well, it has been estimated that 79% of referral leads are never followed up on. To put that another way, just under 4 out of every 5 leads who could have become clients, instead become clients of other brokers or agents.

Want some numbers? Here’s an example.

  • You made a modest $50k from working with only 21% of your leads last year
  • Had the other 79% yielded the same success rate and deal sizes, you could have made an additional $188,095
  • That would have brought your earnings up to $238,095!

Not too shabby, right? You could pay for an assistant, and a great software package, and still come out well on top!

But What Software Could Help Me Keep Track of All of My Leads?

Well, there are plenty of software packages. You could get one just for lead tracking. You could get another for back-office accounting. Need more than just that?

On the other hand, Realty Pilot can keep track of leads, referrals, document flow, accounting, commissions, BPOs, and more.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you a sample Leads page, as most of the information would need to be removed. But here are the column headings:

Leads page

And here’s a screenshot from the Realty Pilot Commissions page, with sensitive data blacked out:

Realty Pilot Commissions page

And here’s a video to show you just how easy Lead Management is in Realty Pilot:

Working with Leads in Realty Pilot

Here are all of our training videos:

training videos

So let me ask you: If you knew you could easily track leads, referrals, and commissions, and have a full back-office suite at your disposal for $49.95 a month or $499.95 a year, would you be interested? How about if you could have a 30-day free trial?

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