Is email safe for sending offers?

Is Email Safe For Sending Offers?

Absolutely not!

Stop sending sensitive documents through email. This goes for anything that you wouldn’t want anyone other than the person you’re sending a document to, to see, or anything that a hacker would love to get their hands on.

Emails don’t die and go to archive heaven. Once a document is attached, it is attached forever to your email, all intermediate servers, and the receiving email. And let’s not forget, it is also attached if your email has been forwarded once or a thousand times to others.

Also, a hacker does not have to be an email recipient. They can break into an email and steal everything that was ever processed. Or they can hack the computer that a sensitive document was downloaded to.

Protect Yourself Against Lawsuits!

This article from Inman shows the 10 most common reasons for Brokers to be sued. Number 7 is “Failing to keep your client’s data safe.”

If you google anything to do with lawsuits against brokers, you’ll see just how important it is to have firm policies against emailing anything that can cause your clients some distress in the future.

If that’s not bad enough to get your attention, how about this?

This article in Insurance Journal details a class-action lawsuit against a law firm. The firm had suffered no data breaches. But it was determined that their lack of data security procedures were negligent, and therefore amounted to breach of contract.

The bad news: it’s far easier to sue a real estate broker than a law firm!

And the good news? It’s actually really easy to send your documents safely and avoid lawsuits altogether!

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