Are your clients moving to a different state? Read this!

Here’s the simple scenario. The people whose house you’re selling are moving to a different state, so you can’t help directly them with their purchase.

This happens to us all from time to time. And in an age where more people will be working from home so able to live wherever they choose rather than near their work location, it will happen more and more. So it’s best to get ahead of the game, right?

Here’s an interesting read from Harvard Business Review regarding the trend towards remote working

How’s Your Out-Of-State Broker Network?

I’m sure you know some brokers and agents in other parts of the country. That’s certainly the case if you’ve been in the business for a while. But you don’t – you can’t – know trusted people everywhere.

It’s true that by the time they come to you, some inter-state movers will already have a handle on their new home purchase. But a large number of those who don’t would certainly appreciate a referral from you. And, of course, you’d be happy for the referral fee, which is typically 25% of the commission.

A strong referral network can really help! But so can a foolproof way of keeping track of all of your referrals – including in-state. (Have you ever received a check and not immediately known what it was for?)

Keeping Track Of Referrals

There are plenty of dedicated referral networks. There are also apps and plugins that can help you track referrals. But as our article last week asked, how many different apps can you possibly keep track of?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the app that you use for your accounting, lead management, email, document handling, and so much more, also provided a referral network AND kept track of those referrals? If that sounds like something worth your while looking into, please click here to find out more.

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