How many apps do you have for your real estate business?

There are so many essential functions in the day-to-day running of a Real Estate Brokerage. There may even be one or two that not everyone realizes are essential.

How many of these do you have applications for?

  • MLS
  • CRM
  • Offer management
  • Accounting
  • Document storage
  • Email
  • Digital signature
  • Property list spreadsheet
  • Calendars
  • Reminder

You certainly need everything on that list… and probably more.

Here are some really important questions for you:

  • Do you have separate applications for each and toggle between them as needed?
  • How much do the paid apps cost you each month?
  • Between them, are they space hogs that slow down your computer?
  • Is it easy to juggle several different applications?
  • Do you ever lose track or leads or referrals?
  • Do you always know what your must-do tasks are?
  • How well organized is your accounting? Would it survive an audit?
  • What about passwords? Are they strong and safely stored? (I hope you don’t keep them on post-its on the side of your computer monitor!)
  • Do you send your documents via email? (Do you think encryption keeps your attachments safe?)

A Few Answers

Unless you’re incredibly well-organized, you’re bound to have issues with juggling lots of applications. Unless you have a fully integrated calendar in every app that you log your tasks, there’s a danger of you leaving some tasks dangerously late if not missing them altogether.

We discussed lead-management and email security in previous articles. But do you know if you get paid for all referrals you make that close? If you refer to other brokers and agents within the Realty Pilot network, even if you forget about the referral, the system won’t!

Wouldn’t it be easier, more secure, more cost-effective, and altogether less confusing if you could just have everything in a single integrated system?

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